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Headquartered in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we are the new face of independent financial services marketing in North America.


UFS assists their clients in meeting their needs for auto and home owners insurance with access to over 20 of the leading companies in the industry.


Our life insurance products are underwritten by over 30 of the largest & finest in quality insurance companies to meet all of our clients insurance needs.

About Us

Universal Financial Services is the face of independent financial services marketing (Life Insurance). UFS representatives assist their clients in their insurance needs including Life Insurance and other financial products.

UFS has developed a successful insurance selling system conducting telesales. Our lead system is second to none, targeting the baby boomer market. We help independent agents find people to help. We also help the general public by finding the specific product to meet their individual needs. The fact that we represent 30 different carriers allows us to cater our market by finding the product that best suites potential clients needs and budget.

Our rapidly growing company allows us the opportunity to employ field agents as well as call center representatives. Independent agents looking for that Field Marketing Organization that will provide you with structure, LEADS, companies, and support then you have found your home. Call us today and speak to one our Life marketers 866-603-4433 ext 101.

Our Team

Martin Perdomo

Martin Perdomo


Martin Perdomo started his career as an Insurance advisor for Mutual Of Omaha In June 1998 where he qualified for Presidents Club that year. In 1999 he went on to qualify for Presidents Club again and app archiver with the company. In 2000 Martin went on to qualify once again for Presidents Club and Sales leaders Roundtable.

The prceeding year 2001-2002 Martin qualified again for sales leaders round table and Presidents Club. In 2002 Martin peaked his career with Mutual of Omaha when he got promoted to district sales manager, he than qualified for Chairmans Council Club, Qualified for World series contest (#2 In the country) and went on to be one of the top producers in the agency. Martin Is now bringing his expertise and knowledge to the independent world where he has helped thousands of clients achieve financial success. Martin is dedicated to bringing sound financial advice to his community. His vision to protect families one at time

"The Universal Financial Services distribution model uniquely positions the company to reach the consumer market in a cost effective manner. Universal is positioned to change the way finance is viewed today. "

Martin Perdomo

Final Expense Life Insurance

Traditional Burial Average Costs

Funeral Service $3,000
Casket (Coffin) $2,100
Vault (Liner) $900
2 Cemetery Lots (Space) $2,500
Opening and Closing (The Grave) $1,000
Marker (Head Stone) $1,500

TOTAL: $11,000

  • In many cases, the total bill is more like $15,000 – $20,000. Example, the loved one may decide to select a nicer, finer, more expensive casket or marker. Funeral homes regularly sell caskets from $4,000 – $10,000 or more.
  • Other final expenses, such as taxes, attorney fees, unpaid medical bills, other loans and debts also become immediately due and payable at the time of death. These expenses could easily amount to $10,000 or more.

Agents Lead Packages

Our exclusive lead system will generate you the income you need to keep your pipeline of clients full all the time.



Each plan includes the following…

  • > Easy to use, personalized sign-in that allows you to stop, start, and adjust your campaign at any time
  • > Complimentary use of business and homeowner
  • > DNC scrubbing and compliance
  • > Daily call reports


Small Agency Plans

As Low As $2.99 Per Transferred Call!

Price List – Live Transfer Leads

    • 50 leads – $400
    • 100 leads – $600
    • 200 leads – $890
    • 300 leads – $1135
    • 500 leads – $1745


Transfer Packages
$10.00 Processing fee included

Agents across the country are making thousands of dollars using our proven lead system. Our system can be used to sell our Final Expense plans over the phone or you can set up appointments and sell them face to face.

Call today and speak with one of our Life Insurance marketing specialist 866-603-4433 ext. 101


” I’ve been in the Life Insurance business 7 years and have never had as much success with any other lead source. I love the live phone transfers. The support and traing that I get from UFS is second to none ”

~Jude Weil

” I been in the Final expense business for 30 years and Im incredidibly impressed with success Im having with these leads. I don’t leave my home I don’t get dark housed and I don’t abuse my car. I take my calls in my home office and sell policies in 12 states. At first I was leary but after a few months I looked at my production and it was up by 75%.

~Chad Silverstein

“Im new in the business and did not know where to start , but after talking with Matthew at UFS I realized the opportunity that they have with the lead system, Carriers , Training and support was top notch. Despite me being in Arizona I get more then enough leads to stay busy in the field. When Im not in my office I can still get my leads on my cell phone.”

~Juan Santiago

Career Opportunities

Current Openings:

Insurance Advisor

Insurance sales can be a rewarding and lucrative career- if trained by professionals who will strive to provide you with the knowledge needed to jump start your career. At Universal Financial Services, management provides an in-depth training to fine tune skills and get you on your way to becoming an independent Life Insurance Advisor (Final Expense & Simplified Term).

Our agents invest in themselves educationally, financially and mentally. We challenge each other and push ourselves to work within a team environment that enriches all of our capabilities. Great salespeople aren’t born, they learn their craft. It need not be a costly investment to supply you with an opportunity that will serve you for a lifetime.

If you are seeking a career opportunity that fuels individual desires for success, provides a great living for you and your family to work within a team environment to reach career stability, and a rare opportunity for unlimited growth, then you’ve come to the right place. We seek dedicated, goal oriented individuals to match the passionate work ethic of our office.

What we are talking about is insurance telesales, or in other words, final expense telesales over the phone. Universal has developed a successful system for selling insurance to individuals across the United States- no more traveling, no more cold calls, and no more unreliable income.


  • Excellent Training
  • Proven Lead System
  • Commission & Residual Income
  • Marketing Reimbursement Program
  • Represent over 30 Leading Carriers
  • Professional Office Space
  • Back Office Support
  • Proven Sales system
  • Top Street Level Contracts
  • Daily Leads
  • Direct Access to Carriers
  • Scripted Sales Presentation (Telesales)
  • Field Presentation


Please email resume’s to: employment@universalfinancialinc.com

Fax resume’s to: 570-241-0072

From the Blog


Term Life Insurance v. Permanent Life Insurance

The ever constant innovation of life insurance policies make it more and more difficult to come to a consensus. Term life insurance vs permanent will continue to provoke the thoughts of anyone considering a life insurance purchase. Because term is simplest I will discuss that one first then I will get to the complexities of permanent life insurance and it’s varying alternatives.

  • The Advantages Of Term Life InsuranceWhat life insurance companies have attempted to do with term life insurance, and have been fairly successful at doing it, is to strip the life insurance policy of as much of the front end load as possible. They have been more successful in doing this with some policies than with others. You may think that because of this success term life insurance vs permanent would no longer a debate of interest…but you would not be correct. Let us take the increasing premium term policy for example. This is a good policy to dissect when discussing term life insurance vs permanent. The lower premiums in the younger years result from the fact that the applicant is less likely to die within a given period, the term period, than an older person. Term life insurance is life insurance in it’s simplest form taking into consideration mortality based on actual experience.If we were to examine a decreasing term life insurance policy the decreasing annual premium reflects the decrease in the death benefit each year, also bearing in mind the fact that the insured is getting older each year. People like the way this is done because they believe that at no time they are paying more than for the term life insurance they actually want.
  • Advantages Of Whole Life InsuranceComparing term life insurance vs permanent we notice that the whole life insurance premium is loaded up front. The life insurance company take most of the cost to issue a whole life policy in the first few years. There are clerical costs, medical costs if the policy is large enough or if they are dealing with an impaired risk, and of course agents commissions etc. Whole life costs more. Term life insurance vs permanent…should we continue? As you will see we should. If the costs are less than anticipated, and they usually are, they return that portion of unused premium. This is called a cash value. This cash value earn dividends which, if left with the company, accumulate interest. There are alternate dividend options that you may elect.If you were to deduct the cash value of a life insurance policy plus the dividend after 20 years from the amount you paid in premiums you would see that the policy cost nothing over that period. But, hold on. We have to consider what those dollars, over and above the cost of term life insurance, would have been doing had they not been in the whole life policy. What rate of interest would be available. We should also bear in mind that dividends are not guaranteed.The advocates of buying term when examining term life insurance vs permanent contend that the money would be earning the maximum over that 20 year period. On the other hand, the advocates for permanent life insurance assume that the extra premium would not be saved or invested. There is truth in both arguments but, because each person is different, we cannot come to a definite conclusion as to which is best. If you can afford to buy any policy you choose, do your comparisons for yourself and go with your gut. Term life insurance vs permanent…you decide.

Internet, Mail, or Phone

Like most things nowadays, various forms of insurance can be purchased online. You can get instant quotes, apply for, and even purchase policies. To make sure you get the right amount and type of insurance, the better sites won’t allow you to complete the purchasing process until you’ve spoken with a qualified insurance professional. Some sites work like a brokerage agency. They’ll have contractual relationships with, say, 10 or 20 companies and they’ll broker your case with the company that offers the best product for your specific needs and circumstances. Other insurance e-commerce sites are more like insurance policy marketplaces. They promote the products of a large number of companies and function a lot like a search engine. Their main objective is to take the data you enter into their online quote engine and link you to a company that has a product that’s compatible with your specifications. Some insurance company Web sites also offer the option of buying online.

When you buy direct via the Internet, phone or mail, the onus is often on you to figure out which policy is right for you. If you’re about to buy a policy but you’re not sure that you’re making the right decision, it’s never a bad idea to run the quotes by an agent in your community. He or she can assess the information you’ve gathered and may even be able to offer you the same types of policies at competitive prices. If not, you can always return to where you started looking for coverage and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re buying the right product for your specific needs.


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